What is it?

Fluika Miniature Pneumatic Control kit is intended for easy and fast development of pneumatic control systems in chemistry, microfluidics and mechatronics. Our kit contains three components: pressure generator, vacuum generator and valve controller. All these components are fully computer controller and compatible with each other. Key features are:

  • Miniature
  • Easy to interface with pneumatic quick-fit connectors
  • Fully USB controlled and powered. No extra power supplies and cables
  • No extra pumps or pressure sources needed
  • Easy to control and program (.NET, LabView, MATLAB)
  • Low noise
  • Low cost


Components of Fluika kit are:

  • Pressure Generator PG500 (0 ... 500 mbar)
  • Vacuum Generator VG350 (-350 ... 0 mbar)
  • Valve Controller VC4 (multiplexing 4 output between 2 inputs)
  • Controlling pressures in volumes 1...100mL
  • Pressure accuracy: 5 mbar
  • Stability: 1-1.5% of full scale


Microfluidics (Pressure driven flow control. Better flow stability compare to peristaltic pumps)
Perfusion systems and flow cells
Miniature robotics and actuators

Are you interested?

Please observe, we no longer sell Fluika Kit!
It has been great pleasure to team with amazing partners, and Fluika kit is now handed over for manufacturing and further developments to Science Mosaic and distributed exclusively worldwide by Dolomite Microfluidics

Want to get your own Fluika kit? Please check out Dolomite's webshop! Thanks!

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