Fluika is a science, research and technology company founded 2011 by Alar Ainla. Our first project was development of Fluika Miniature Pneumatic Control Kit, which is a set of small components intended to help microfluidic engineers conveniently assemble and design control systems for their experiments. This need was experienced by the founder during his graduate studies, where he was tackling different microfluidic challenges. While it wasn't purpose of the research itself, one practical problem was a lack of components, which would allow to design controls for pressure driven flows in microfluidic systems. Something low-cost and simple, like multimeters, power-supplies or DAQ cards are in the electronics world, which engineers could take from the shelf, connect up, and get quickly started with their experiments. Alternatives in this point were high-end instruments, which were not affordable or industrial components, which were big and cumbersome for development work, where fast reconfigurability was the key. While solving this problem for his own research, it was clear that such components could be useful also for others in the rapidly growing microfluidics and lab on a chip community, which was inspiration to shape it into a product. Fluika has been fortunate to have wonderful partners. Now Fluika Miniature Pneumatic Control Kit has been taken over by Science Mosaic for manufacturing and further developments. Fluika kit is currently distributed worldwide by Dolomite Microfluidics, a major supplier of microfluidic products.

We do not sell Fluika Miniature Pneumatic Control Kit, this requests should be made directly to Dolomite. Fluika is now looking for next challenges in research and development in the fields of:

  • Microfluidics
  • Miniature pneumatics
  • Scientific instrumentation and control systems

Founder: Alar Ainla, PhD

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Fluika OU is a research and development company focused on instruments for miniature fluid flow control in microfluidics, analytical chemistry and biosciences.

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